About Us

Orange SWCD is an Independent Special District (Chapter 189 F.S.)*

Florida has 58 Soil and Water Conservation Districts. These were established in 1937, under Chapter 582 Florida Statutes. These Districts are governmental subdivision of the State of Florida. Orange County is represented by the Orange Soil & Water Conservation District, which consists of five elected supervisors.


The Orange SWCD provides access to natural resource management and conservation services at the local level. In cooperation with local, state, and federal agencies, the OSWCD provides technical, financial, and educational assistance to address natural resource concerns. Assistance is available to all taxpayers and land users within the borders of Orange County, Florida.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Orange SWCD is to conserve and protect the soil and water resources by educating and assisting land users in Orange County in being good stewards of the land and its natural resources.



*By October 1, 2015, independent SWCDs were required to have their own individual website per Section 189.069, F.S. Only dependents SWCDs, currently Blackwater, Glades, Henry, and Madison, can have a website page on their county's website.